20/06/2022 – Techtextil: Sandler — auf Deutsch lesen

“More than recycling”

“More than Sandler” is the motto at Techtextil 2022. The focus is on innovations and initiatives geared towards cooperating closely with partners to implement performance and sustainability throughout the product life cycle and beyond.


© Sandler


From raw material selection to recycling optimised for every application: high-performance quality nonwovens made by Sandler pave the way for environmentally friendly product solutions.

Bluefiber: More than 100% single-polymer, made to a large extent from post-consumer fibres, fully recyclable at the end-of-lifetime.

Fast Forward Fabric: Textile materials for highly stable complex component geometries, specific material configurations for optimized vehicle acoustics inside the passenger compartment as well as towards the surroundings. The open-pore structure combines noise dampening and thermal management. Made from 100% polyester with up to 80% recycled fibres Fast Forward Fabric creates closed material cycles.

More than recycling: Sandler further expands its sustainability campaign #sandlerpuzzle. The initiative “Going beyond circular limitations” is the next step towards creating closed cycles. Sandler and National Sweden AB integrate modern concepts to recycle processing remnants – resulting in raw materials for the manufacture of new products. Partnership and commitment create a completely closed material cycle: reducing waste and decreasing the use of virgin resources.

Techtextil: Hall 12.1, booth D50