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Mtex: Efficiency and process optimisation systems

At the stand shared by BST Procontrol and Elmatex, trade buyers will have the opportunity to find out more about the various processes involved in the continuous measurement of technical textiles as well as non-woven materials.

Measuring system from BST Procontrol / Example (Photo: BST)

Measuring system from BST Procontrol / Example (Photo: BST)


Elmatex generally specialises in the distribution of machinery, plant and accessories for the textile and non-woven industry. Rather than exhibiting products, the companies will focus on entering into an active dialogue with the trade visitors to shed light on the special features of quality management in the field of textiles and non-woven products. For example, these products consist of precisely defined characteristics that offer virtually no room for material defects.

This is where the innovative sensor solutions come into play: They ensure fast, reliable and absolutely exact measurements of factors such as thickness and humidity. A precise basis-weight measurement is also possible. The measurement systems automatically intervene in the control cycle of the production process and make any necessary adjustments by means of real-time monitoring. This not only paves the way for precise measurements but it also ensures that the highest requirements are met in terms of efficiency and process optimisation.

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