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Munich Fabric Start: Coats Global Services launches CoatsMatch

A revolutionary colour solution! The CoatsMatch solution combines a highly portable and affordable colour reading device with Coats’ industry leading colour management applications. Designed to support colour supply chain stakeholders in reducing lead times and the high costs associated with the colour design and approval processes.

CoatsMatch – Colour at your fingertips
Photo: Coat Thread Germany

CoatsMatch – Colour at your fingertips Photo: Coat Thread Germany


The CoatsMatch device is a bluetooth enabled colour reading tool which communicates instantaneously with our mobile applications  

Coats Colour Compare App  

• Instant and accurate quality control of colour between two physical samples, so that you can significantly reduce your sample lead-time and courier costs • Capability to share digital colour standards across your supply chain • Setting of colour difference tolerances to support standardise pass / fail decisions • Convenient & objective quality assurance on fabric roll shade sorting, enabling optimisation of your garment cutting process  

Coats Colour Select App • Instant and convenient colour selection from multiple shade libraries • Incorporates Coats’ patented and visually uniform Colour Atlas providing a comprehensive set of 7,575 colour standards spanning the entire colour gamut • Creation of bespoke colour palettes which can be communicated across your supply chain

For more information and a video demonstrating CoatsMatch visit www.coats.com