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New surface technology

The ZIM-Netzwerk DIGI4TT (digital printing for functionalising technical textiles), initiated by Bayern Innovativ, assumed its activities on 1 July 2015. The objective is to develop a new and innovative surface technology – namely, digital printing for functionalising technical textiles.

Digital printing has enormous potential when it comes to endowing technical textiles with specific functions. Against the backdrop of the Industry 4.0 drive, it will play a key role in achieving digital processing chains and highly customised production. The necessity to develop pioneering new processes in this particular segment is also being driven by ever tighter REACH regulations. At present, technological solutions for printing functions onto textiles using digital printing techniques are still some way off.

The network comprises 11 partners bringing together expert knowledge from across several disciplines. The objective is to develop and establish such technologies and to translate them into marketable products. The sector sees great potential for such applications, among others, in the field of workwear and PPE.

[ www.digi4tt.de]