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Pinter Caipo: A new yarn spinning machine

Pinter Caipo, a Spanish producer of cutting-edge yarn spinning equipment, launched its spintester machine Merlin equipped with its new 3D creel which makes “dual core” yarns with Invista’s dualFX technology by Lycra brand. A revolutionary solution patented by Invista, dualFX technology by Lycra brand allows mills to develop fabrics with high stretch, good recovery, and excellent dimensional stability using a combination of Lycra fibre and Lycra T400 fibre in a single yarn.

According to Adrià Serra, Managing Director of Pinter Caipo, the demand for high stretch fabrics with good recovery continues to grow, and yarns made with Invista’s dualFX technology by Lycra brand allow mills to achieve the best balance of stretch and recovery properties. For this reason, Pinter’s new 3D Dual Core creel was designed to use Lycra T400 fibre exclusively as one of the core yarns.

Merlin’s ring spinning frame features a unique 3D creel customised for Lycra T400 fibre bobbins. This new creel has three decks of rollers – the first unwinds the Lycra fibre and the two upper decks unwind the Lycra T400 fibre, which allows for not only ease of operation but also accurate tension control, which is critical for fabric consistency.

The world’s largest manufacturer of special yarn attachments for spinning machines and world leader in special yarn solutions has three product lines: core yarn attachments, slub attachments and monitoring systems for ring frames.