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STFI: Test standard for electric arc protection

Testing of arc protection for protective textilies Photo: STFI

Testing of arc protection for protective textilies Photo: STFI


The revised version of the internationally approved Box test standard for arc protection IEC 61482-1-2:2014-10 Ed.2 was published on October 14th 2014. What started in 1999 as research project of STFI with small and medium size manufactures of protective textiles and partners from the University Ilmenau has been continuously developed during the years. The standardization work on international IEC level with partners from Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Spain and the USA led to the first publication of the standard in 2007.

During the maintenance cycle of the standard which began in 2009, further improvements of the test procedure were added. Due to this long-term and consistent work on this topic the test and certification department in STFI became a globally accepted provider in the field of arc protection and safety. Hundreds of test reports and certificates for material and garments in the hands of customers from all over the world are most important expression of this successful development.

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