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Safety and comfort are key in today’s flame retardant fabrics

With fire being a common cause of death and injury worldwide, employers want to make sure workers wear the appropriate flame retardant (FR) garment. But today’s wearer demands have changed, and they not only expect protection, but also comfort and apparel that has a ‘fashionable’ appearance.


© Flamestuff 250AS by Carrington Textiles


On the other hand, employers feeling the pressure to find fabrics that satisfy these demands, must also focus on meeting the stringent safety standards that are being put in place globally.

To respond to all the industry needs, Europe’s leading supplier of FR finished fabrics for workwear Carrington Textiles, has developed a wide range of multifunctional and multinorm flame retardant fabrics so the wearer can be protected with fabrics that not only ‘resist’ fire, but also offer added properties including high visibility, electric arc, antistatic, waterproof, chemical splash and UV protection.

Carrington Textiles’ Flametuff 250AS product for example, incorporates high tenacity nylon into the blend, which greatly increases abrasion resistance and tear strength, whilst retaining the essential comfort properties of cotton. Developed to meet the worldwide industry standard NFPA 2112, this fabric maintains its flame retardant properties even after 100 industrial washes.

As well as their flame retardant range of fabrics, Carrington Textiles produces workwear, waterproof, defence and sustainable products offering exceptional performance and quality in the most demanding workplace environments.