26/08/2015 — auf Deutsch lesen

Spengler &Fürst: Colourful and translucent

A woven tape fabric has been developed by Spengler &Fürst GmbH & Co. KG, based in Crimmitschau, and the Sächsische Textilforschungsinstitut (STFI, Saxony Textile Research Institute) in Chemnitz, combining the positive properties of high-tensile film with the benefits of textiles. Narrow foil tapes are interwoven with synthetic fibre yarns such as polyamide and polyester.

Spengler &Fürst is now presenting a further development that lends itself especially to interior sun protection in buildings and vehicles. Its advantage to architects, constructors and indeed customers and users lies in the translucence of this robust material. The finely woven textile has a characteristic structure with a definite handle. This easy-care tape fabric can be supplied in various colours and finishes according to customer requirements.

[ www.spengler-fuerst.de]