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Stoll: “Knit one, purl one”

STOLL CMS 520 C+ multi gauge machine. STOLL has expanded its gauge range further, adding gauge E1.5 and gauge E2.2 for the extra-bulky knits and extra-chunky yarns that previously demanded hand knitting.

26.10.2015: Stoll: “Knit one, purl one”
26.10.2015: Stoll: “Knit one, purl one”
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Gauge scalability now extends stitch optics from gauge E1.5 to gauge E5; yarns down to 0.7 Nm can be used. Moreover, the industrial knitting machine offers countless design options: jacquard, intarsia and structured knits – combined with shaping at tributes in Fully Fashion technique. The design applications reflect urbane lifestyle and extend far beyond apparel. From accessories to interior design, the sky’s the limit. Discover STOLL’s world of technical possibilities and unleash your creativity!

Jörg Hartmann,Head of Fashion & Technology

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