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Synthomer: new binders for technical textiles applications

Less odour, more sustainable, better performance!

Synthomer - example
Photo: Synthomer

Synthomer - example Photo: Synthomer


This year at Techtextil in Frankfurt Symthomer presented a new binder for textile printing (Litex NX 7390) and the new Litex SX product series used for the bonding of glass fibre reinforcement fabrics for external insulation finishing systems (EIFS). The new binders facilitate the formulation of products which are more environmentally friendly, featuring low VOC and low formaldehyde levels whilst delivering improved performance properties.

New Litex SX series with outstanding runability properties for the manufacture of EIFS fabrics Synthomer is the market leader in styrene butadiene based binders used for the finishing of glass fibre fabrics and scrims, intended for numerous reinforcement applications. Providing the required bonding strength and outstanding alkali resistance, the new Litex SX series offers tailor-made products for the required textile stiffness or flexibility. Most notably the new Litex SX product series demonstrates further improved runability and non-blocking properties to support even faster production speeds and handling. Fabrics and scrims finished with Synthomer binders fulfil the criteria according to existing standards like ETAG 004, DIN EN 13496, EIMA 105.01 etc. for EIFS fabrics.

New Litex NX binder for pigment printing with formaldehyde free cross-linking system Also at Techtextil 2015 Synthomer launched its latest butadiene-nitrile copolymer Litex NX 7390 for effective textile printing. The new binder has a patented polymer structure providing a much softer handle of the finished fabric combined with very good abrasion resistance properties at the same time. A new formaldehyde free crosslinking system features low odour and a more sustainable printing process. Litex NX 7390 provides much softer haptics to the printed textile compared to standard acrylic binders used in this application, combined with above mentioned very good chemical and mechanical resistance properties. Intensive application testing has shown excellent printing results, good washing resistance and high crock resistance for the finished fabric.

About Synthomer

Synthomer is one of the world's leading producers of emulsion polymers, serving customers across a broad range of industrial, construction materials, automotive, consumer and healthcare markets. Synthomer is a FTSE 250 listed company headquartered in the UK. Today it employs 2000 people with manufacturing plants, technology centres and sales offices in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and US.