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TWD Group: Most successful Heimtextil in years

Fully integrated provider of polyester- and polyamide 6.6-filament yarns TWD Fibres GmbH visualised its product portfolio in a completely new way in 2014 and presented the result to its customers for the first time at Heimtextil 2015. The Heimtextil presentation with their own sales- and marketing company FR Safety Yarns was very successful.

TWD Fibres, production
Photos: TWD Fibres

TWD Fibres, production Photos: TWD Fibres

booth, Heimtextil

booth, Heimtextil


In addition to discussions with important existing customers, numerous contacts with potential new customers from around the world could be registered as a result of the exhibition. The new stall concept met  with much approval and led international experts to the TWD Fibres stall. In 2014 TWD, as leading German manufacturer of high-quality filament yarns located in Deggendorf, Bavaria, developed a new concept for its core competencies, starting with the provision of preoriented yarn (POY) to the functionally equipped qualities and specialities for its external communication. Topics are clearly communicated with product brochures and a re-launched website. The positive responses of visitors during Heimtextil confirmed to the TWD Group the dynamic economic developments predicted for 2015 by economic research institutes prior to Heimtextil. Considering the current EURO course decline, a significant increase in export business can be expected.

TWD Fibres is a specialist for filament yarns in numerous segments market leading in Europe. As internationally trading company with trademarks DIOLEN and TIMBRELLE the TWD Group offers polyester and polyamide 6.6 yarns for various markets and applications: Aside from home textiles and clothing (including hosiery) technical and semi-technical applications, such as automotive, technical textiles as well as the medical sector, are the main sales markets. FR Safety Yarns, who has been leading sales of trademark DIOLEN SAFE since 2011, has developed a multitude of sophisticated new yarn qualities, including staple fibres and effect yarns, which are increasingly accepted in the contract business.  

About TWD Fibres Since its foundation in 1959 TWD Fibres GmbH successively built up its spinning and texturizing capacity. Today the TWD Group is specialist for DIOLEN (polyester)- and TIMBRELLE (polyamide 6.6) filament yarns. As vertically orientated, fully integrated producer TWD Fibres can offer all production stages from spinning, additive spinning, texturizing, twisting and dyeing to cones. Since January 2015 TWD Fibres GmbH is part of holding company 4 K Invest, which invests in medium-size, European companies aiming to develop sustainable values. The company employs about 730 staff and generates an annual turnover of more than 100 million Euro. The high quality raw white, package or dope dyed yarns are available in various qualities and additional functions. In close cooperation with its customers the company „customized” yarns that are tailored towards specific applications, including the technical sector. TWD Fibres GmbH has one of the biggest and most efficient dye houses in Europe with more than 5.000 tons of dyeing capacity per year. Most important application markets are automotive (car interior textiles), clothing, home textiles, and medical as well as technical applications. www.twd-fibres.de  

About FR Safety Yarns FR Safety Yarns GmbH & Co. KG was founded by TWD Fibers GmbH as marketing and sales entity for DIOLEN SAFE yarns and is based in Deggendorf, Bavaria, Germany. DIOLEN SAFE filament and taslan yarns are produced in Deggendorf/Seebach on state-of-the-art spinning and texturising machines. FR Safety Yarns GmbH & Co. KG has the advantage to use the longstanding yarn dyeing competence of TWD Fibres GmbH. This means the company is extremely flexible in providing various colour shades at short notice. With more than 5.000 tons package dye capacity per year TWD Fibres GmbH, which is part of the Daun & Cie group, is one of the biggest and most efficient dye houses of its kind in Europe. www.fr-safety-yarns.com