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Bio-Based DWR Performance

Rudolf Group is launching two brand new, distinctive product propositions entirely manufactured from natural sources: Ruco-Dry Bio CGR und Ruco-Dry Bio NPE.


Both Ruco-Dry Bio CGR and Ruco-Dry Bio NPE are marketed through the Bio-Logic trademark, registered by Rudolf Group. © Rudolf Group


Ruco-Dry Bio CGR is the first Durable Water Repellent (DWR) agent based on plant-derived processing wastes. In fact, Ruco-Dry Bio CGR is made of natural waste that accumulates as by-product during the processing of cereal grains in the food industry. The leftover material that would otherwise be disposed of is refined to create a powerful water and stain repellent textile finish.

Dr. Dirk Sielemann, R&D Director at Rudolf Group:

“By turning natural waste into DWR we have maximized the biomass content in Ruco-Dry Bio CGR to more than 90%. Although most of the product is composed by recycled biomass, Ruco-Dry Bio CGR meets the performance and durability of conventional water repellent textile finishes.”

Ruco-Dry Bio NPE is an equally outstanding product innovation where DWR is entirely based on a carefully selected mix of natural plant extracts. The well-balanced mix of plant-based ingredients combines excellent water and stain repellent effects with breathability and a natural handfeel. Unlike other 100% renewable raw materials, those used in the making of Ruco-Dry Bio NPE are chemically and genetically non-modified and are not used as food, feed or fuel.