22/01/2019 – Wearable Technologies — auf Deutsch lesen

Clothes become data carriers

How would it be if sensors in shirts could monitor health and performance, shoes could detect pressure points, or clothes could be used for paying and as admission control?


Printed electronics at Lopec © Messe München


All these are not visions of the future, because flexible and printed electronics already offer many possibilities for textiles and garments today.

Innovations are an important driver for sportswear. The fabrics are becoming ever more functional, lightweight, breathable and high-stretch. In addition, textiles are increasingly being equipped with electronic functionalities. This is being achieved, on the one hand, through the fibres and through flexible and printed electronics, on the other. This is giving rise to a growing number of applications across the supply chain, be it in production, the finishes or at retail.

The Organic and Printed Electronics Association, or the OE-A for short, is pushing the cause by giving companies the opportunity to forge cross-industry contacts. The Schreiner Group, based in Oberschleißheim, Germany, is among the members of this organisation. textile network spoke with Kai Schnapauff, Director of Schreiner PrintTrust, and Johannes Becker, Director of Schreiner LogiData, about possible applications for flexible and printed electronics in textiles, clothing and sports goods.

You can read the whole trade fair report in our print edition textile network 1-2/2019 with publication date January 28, 2019.