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23/08/2018 – Textile printing – Part 5 — auf Deutsch lesen

Design options in medical technology

Since 2013 the frankpurk Orthopädietechnik & Design not only offers prostheses and orthoses but has also been tackling their aesthetic design.


With a well-designed aid, though, patients can achieve a lot and this has a positive effect on acceptability in civil society too © Frank Purk


From prostheses showing a shark biting into the wearer’s leg, to the lower leg of ‘Iron Man’ or an illustration of a devil’s head, the possibilities with prostheses are endless, using different techniques for different fields of application. Frank Purk’s portfolio is multi-faceted and includes both standard designs for those who want something quickly and personalised products developed according to the customer’s own ideas. His motto is: “If it can be included in the design, we’re happy to do it.” And that includes illuminated prostheses.

 Prosthetics as a lifestyle?

 Heard of Aimee Mullins? The American actress and former track and field athlete wears a leg prosthesis. With her highly unusual ‘design prosthetics’ she became a role model for many people with disabilities. Perceptions of prostheses have changed a lot since then and wearers’ self-confidence has grown. “Of course my customers prefer to have an attractive prosthesis,” says Frank Purk. “Non-amputees also prefer wearing stuff they like.”

Read the complete article in our printed issue textile network 9-10 2018 which appears 30th August 2018.

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