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Emtec Electronic: novel way to measure haptic quality

Emtec Electronic presents with TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer a novel way to measure haptic quality at World Congress on Textile Coating.


The German producer of high-tech testing equipment for the textile, nonwoven, and paper industries will demonstrate a simple and fast method to objectively measure important haptic parameters of fabrics with or without coating using the TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer. © Emtec Electronic


Emtec’s Tactile Sensation Analyzer gives a calculated value for the hand-feel/touch of a fabric based on the parameters of softness, smoothness, stiffness, flexibility, recovery and elasticity. This data enables precise adjustments and reproducible results to ensure a quality product.

  • During the premiere of the World Congress on Textile Coating, which takes place as an online event on February 11–12 and February 18–19, 2021, Emtec Electronic GmbH will introduce to industry specialists a unique method and device for measuring the haptic parameters of textiles and nonwoven materials.

  • In a presentation on February 12, 2021, Emtec’s Global Marketing and Business Development Manager Alexander Grüner will explain and demonstrate the measuring principle behind the TSA, which is the only existing device to fulfill all of the industry requirements for measuring textiles and nonwovens.

The multifunctional measuring instrument simultaneously gathers all single relevant parameters that influence the haptic characteristics of nonwovens and textiles to produce a numeric value that corresponds nearly perfectly to the results of experienced hand-panels, but at a fraction of a cost and time spent. The device has applications in nearly every stage of production, from research and development, to product and process optimization, to quality assurance.

According to Grüner, the new device has come at just the right time to help manufacturers meet changing industry standards and customer expectations.

Global Marketing and Business Development Manager Alexander Grüner:

“There’s definitely a shift toward a stronger focus on the quality of fabrics, both on the manufacturing side and the consumer side. Consumers are becoming more aware and discerning about what fabrics they buy. They want to know how the fabric was made, if it is sustainable, and they want it to be pleasing to touch. And manufacturers are striving to keep up with this change in demand.”

More information about the World Congress on Textile Coating as well as the opportunity to register to attend can be found here!