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Fashion meets innovative textile technologies

With the new concept Topaz Fusion Trans-Textil bridges the gap between individual design and functional high-performance materials.


With the new concept Topaz Fusion Trans-Textil bridges the gap between individual design and functional high-performance materials. © Trans-Textil GmbH


Behind this is the combination of highly breathable and weatherproof multilayer membrane laminates with versatile possibilities of product design in textile printing or coating. This results in individual products for outdoor, leisure, sports and business wear as well as innovative shoe components, combined with a high standard of environmental compatibility.

„Outdoor customers have always attached great importance to high technical performance of clothing, while additional design options are increasingly in demand. On the other hand, with Topaz FUSION, new functions are finding their way into traditionally strongly design-oriented, fashionable textiles – they are multi-layered, waterproof, highly breathable and particularly light,” according to Trans-Textil Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Wilhelm Krings.

Design, performance and environmental compatibility

Trans-Textil’s customers have access to a broad portfolio of design and technical options, which go far beyond standard collections and place special emphasis on environmental compatibility. For example, full-color digital transfer printing uses only the natural resources of water and alcohol. Full-surface or partial 3D coatings are carried out on a water-based basis and the water-repellent surface finish is achieved with fluorine-free formulations from the Topaz Clean4Green line.

Latest membrane and textile technologies

Trans-Textil also uses its membrane systems certified according to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, while at the same time the company’s own lamination technology maintains the soft, textile feel of the product. The same ecological and technical requirements are met by the textile components which, despite their multi-layered construction, offer a high stretch factor and thus freedom of movement and comfort with the least possible weight. Trans-Textil also supplies compatible tapes for textile seam sealing for the laminates.

Technical demand and individuality

“At Topaz Fusion, our customers themselves become product designers. The joint development is in the foreground, each project follows individual goals regarding optics and function – according to the motto, ‘Create your own design, create your own performance’," explains Krings. The fact that this concept works is evidenced by the innovative garments that Trans-Textil is exhibiting at the booth at Performance Days. Thus, the Freilassing company together with Becker Tuche GmbH & Co. KG produced materials for a functional business jacket. The ‘wool performance’ products used in the laminate form a symbiosis of high-quality wool blends, wind- and waterproof membranes and printable recycled polyester in combination with non fluorocarbon-containing additives.