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08/08/2018 – Mahlo GmbH in Brazil — auf Deutsch lesen

Febratex 2018 as mainstay

Innovative solutions for a diverse market - Mahlo GmbH showcases straightening technology and more at Febratex 2018


Mahlo GmbH showcases straightening technology and more at Febratex 2018 © Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG


Worldwide important manufacturer of knitwear, one of the leading producer and consumer of denim and self-sufficient in cotton production: Brazil’s textile industry can barely be beaten in its diversity. For the various demands, the different sectors have, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG has the suitable systems. These will be presented by the German machine builder at Febratex in Blumenau from 21 to 24 August. At booth 39 – Setor 1 the experienced Mahlo trade show team answers every question on straightening technology and process control.

“The main goal of every textile producer is straight goods. No matter what kind of product you make”, says Miguel Lessel, Area Sales Manager at Mahlo.

After all, this is a sign for quality and a requirement of customers. Mahlo proves to be a strong partner for textile producers. At Febratex, the world market leader presents its weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15, among others. Based on experience that goes back to the year 1945, the machine impresses with the latest technology for distortion correction. The modular system combines the functionality of a weft straightener with that of a process control system in one compact device. It automatically ensures a straight-thread product before and after the drying or fixing process and optimises the processes all around the stenter.

Another useful tool, the Mahlo-team is going to present at Febratex, is the process control system Optipac VMC-15. With its support, the manufacturer can measure and control critical parameters like dwell time, thread density or residual moisture. “Our solutions have established themselves as first choice for producers all over the world, who want to ensure high-quality goods for their clients”, so Lessel. In addition to that, the systems help to save raw material and reduce energy costs. Due to the modular combination, even in such a diverse textile market like Brazil, there is the right solution for every customer, no matter if denim or knitwear.

Febratex as mainstay

Inside Brazil, you find everything that you need for textile and apparel production - from fibers to readyto-wear goods. That’s why Mahlo is interesting and important for many key players. Febratex gives over 2,400 national and international companies the chance to get information on the newest developments and talk about the latest trends.