04/08/2023 – FiberTrace and SGS

FiberTrace and SGS have joined forces

FibreTrace and SGS have collaborated to develop a groundbreaking fiber integrity protocol, strengthening confidence in product claims across various materials for brands worldwide.


FibreTrace is a cloud-based SAAS platform that tracks and verifies fibres at every stage of the textile supply chain ... © FibreTrace


... from raw fibre ... © FibreTrace

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As consumer demands for transparency and accountability in global supply chains continues to rise, this partnership combines testing, verification, chain of custody checking, and product markers to establish a robust traceability system. SGS, the global leader in testing, inspection, and certification, will work closely with textile and footwear supply chain operators to ensure accurate and truthful traceability claims for materials.

SGS works with FibreTrace technology to enhance implementation of verification and compliance across the value chain. Their services include:

– Assisting suppliers to demonstrate compliance and accurate reporting is implemented within the Fibre Trace digital platform

– Reviewing the compliance and traceability of fibers and materials prior to the application of Fibre Trace physical technology (for example at recycled polyester collection points)

– Helping brands/retailers to carry out on-site scanning and verify fibers with the use of FibreTrace physical and digital technology

This partnership marks a significant step towards developing supply chain traceability, servicing major manufacturing regions globally, including India, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

Yvonne Tse, Vice President, Global Softlines at SGS said: “This welcome collaboration with FibreTrace marks another step forward to support the global textile industry towards full supply chain traceability. By embracing new technologies, we are better placed to ease the pathway towards traceability for producers, manufacturers, brands and retailers worldwide.”

To summarize, both companies share an understanding of the importance of innovation and are collabroation in pursuit of creating a more interconnected, transparent, and environmentally consious world.