08/11/2019 – Innovative technology to increase the friction coefficient — auf Deutsch lesen

Freudenberg acquires technology from innovative startup

Expansion of technology portfolio with hard-particle coating of nonwovens to enhance the friction coefficient.


Hard-particle coated nonwoven applied on a wheel carrier for passenger car chassis. © Freudenberg


The Freudenberg global technology group has acquired the activities of the startup FRICTins GmbH from Wolnzach, Germany – including FRICTins’ innovative technology to increase the friction coefficient. This allows lightweight and more compact component designs as well as the transmission of up to 5-times higher torque and shear forces. These features are of critical relevance in applications within E-mobility and its increasing performance requirements regarding the connection of parts.

Dr. Frank Heislitz, CEO of Freudenberg Performance Materials:

“In the future, Freudenberg will offer the global automotive industry a cost-efficient, hard-particle coated nonwoven solution – ideally suited for the realization of new powertrain designs and lightweight concepts.”

This technology combines a unique hard-particle coating process with a special nonwoven from Freudenberg. It is utilized by automotive manufacturers and suppliers in engine, chassis and powertrain applications. It generates an increase of the friction coefficient up to a factor of 8. This allows for a significant improvement in the performance of screw joints and press fits. By increasing the friction coefficient in such a way, many new and innovative material combinations become possible. Currently, the products are manufactured in pilot production scale in a facility near Munich (Wolnzach), Germany. Freudenberg has acquired all assets and will set up an industrial scale production within the next few months.

A patent pending solution

The patent pending solution is using a multi-step-process to coat hard particles in various dimensions onto the surface of a special nonwoven. When applied in the friction joint, the hard particles penetrate into both parts of the joining components and create a micro interlock. Compared to existing technologies on the market, FRICTins’ technology offers a greater flexibility in the design process, e.g. due to lower material thickness, while also providing a much higher friction coefficient. By using 100 percent inert materials, this new technology cannot cause any corrosion between the joining parts. The FRICTins technology has already won two awards: The German Innovation Award from the German Design Council in 2018 as well as the Materialica Design and Technology Award in 2017.