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Ideal material for textile machines

The high-performance ceramic A100 is ideally suited for highly stressed parts in the textile industry. Thanks to optimized material properties and a special polishing technique, components of A100 have a defect-free and non-porous surface and are characterized by extremely high hardness and wear resistance. Thanks to the Sembach injection moulding process, even difficult parts can be made from A100.


Thread guides made of A100 and silicon nitride for the textile machine industry. © Sembach Technical Ceramics


Machine components made of Technical Ceramics are ideal for the textile industry. © Sembach Technical Ceramics


The super fine-grained high-performance ceramic A100 is ideally suited to meet the textile industry’s requirements for wear-resistant machine elements. Components made of A100 feature perfect, non-porous surfaces that are characterized by extremely high hardness and wear resistance due to high material density and special polishing. Another advantage of A100 is that the processed yarn is not damaged by abrasion. A100 is therefore ideally suited for passive and active components in textile machines exposed to high stresses from wear such as thread guides and other thread guide elements, eyelets, oiling nozzles, nozzles, rollers and disks i.e. cutting disks and cutters, among others.

The virtually non-porous surface allows abrasion-free processing without the risk of breaking of fibers and threads that are covered with an avivage i.e. an abrasive mesh. Another advantage of the extremely smooth surfaces is minimum thread tension allowing the processed yarn to be wound onto the spindle with a high winding quality. Find more information on https://sembach.com/applications/textile-machine-industry/.