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Karl Mayer brings the future

Karl Mayer at ITMA Asia + CITME with double presence: in hall 4.1, stand A 30 in the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai and with an in-house exhibition at Karl Mayer (China) in Wujin.


Operator interface, based on Kamcos 2, on the HKS with new design (Photo: Karl Mayer)


ITMA Asia + CITME 2016 is the most important trade fair for the textile industry for the whole of Asia. With the intervals between the events, this leading trade fair determines the innovation cycles within the sector. Karl Mayer, the technology and market leader offers perfect solutions for warp knitting, technical textiles and warp preparation for weaving and will be one of the top addresses for visitors of the ITMA Asia + CITME 2016.

Karl Mayer will exhibit its latest innovations in two locations simultaneously, i.e. in hall 4.1, stand A 30 in the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai, and simultaneously at an in-house exhibition at Karl Mayer (China) in Wujin. A free shuttle service will be available between the two locations.

The visitors can look forward to viewing a wide range of exhibits. In the lace sector a fundamental new development in the multibar jacquard machine sector will set the standard in terms of the cost:benefit ratio and will be demonstrating the potential for producing a wide range of new and different product designs.

In the tricot sector Karl Mayer continues the generation change that has been initiated at ITMA 2015 in Milan. There is a high demand for the first model to feature the upgrade, the HKS 2-SE, with a modern machine design, Karl Mayer’s new Kamcos 2 platform with additional App functions, camera monitoring system and the Leo Low Energy Option for up to 10 % less energy consumption, reducing costs and environmental loads.

HKS machines with EL provide simple and rapid pattern change for producing short runs and development of new products. An almost limitless range of long pattern repeats, and consequently pattern designs, can be produced.

Lust but not least warping machine that can be used for conventional direct warping as well as sectional warping will be shown. The warp-for-warp technique requires only a few packages. This saves space and offers maximum efficiency when producing short warps for product development, when using expensive yarns for processing production warps, and when processing small batches.

Karl Mayer’s Warp Preparation Business Unit will be showcasing an innovative sectional warping machine for processing shirtings and cloths. This machine operates at an impressive level of productivity. It improves efficiency in weaving preparation by up to 30% and by up to 3% in weaving compared to other models on the market.

Karl Mayer will also be showing the innovation Size Box HSB with pre-wetting. The key feature of the Prosize sizing machine operates with three highly turbulent application zones based on spraying technology, and offers many advantages compared to the immersion bath process.

Savings can be made in sizing additives, energy consumption during desizing, and effluent loads, and the uniformity of the size application is improved. The Karl Mayer Technical Textiles Business Unit will focus on the subjects of lightweight construction and geotextiles. The visitors will be presented with a range of impressive examples of applications and all the relevant information.

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