05/07/2022 – Textile printing — auf Deutsch lesen

New level of sustainable direct-to-fabric printing

Efi Reggiani’s all-in-one pigment inline printing and finishing solution drives efficiency and sustainability in industrial digital textile printing.


The new Efi Reggiani ecoTerra pigment solution made its debut at Fespa Global Print Expo in Berlin, Germany. © Efi Reggiani


The EFI Reggiani ecoTerra is an all-in-one solution for water-based pigment printing that requires no ancillary equipment for pre- and post-treatment. Its patent-pending technology gives customers a distinct competitive advantage, dramatically cutting energy and water consumption in the overall process for a more sustainable direct-to-fabric printing experience.

Users will benefit from ecoTerra’s ability to deliver excellent wet and dry fastness, remarkable sharpness in detail and extraordinarily high durability while also yielding longer printhead life with reduced maintenance costs.

The new ecoTerra ink range features 7 colours for an expanded colour gamut. An enhanced polymerisation and finishing unit for the Efi Reggiani ecoTerra also gives the fabric a softer hand feel.