07/03/2023 – Nonwoven production — auf Deutsch lesen

Optimise processes – save costs with Mahlo

With the current challenges and global crises such as steadily rising energy and raw material prices, long delivery times and uncertain supplies the measurement and control technology gained in importance.


Mahlo has already successfully implemented many such applications and offers the user a tool with high measuring accuracy and easy handling. © Mahlo


"The control and regulation of crucial parameters such as basis weight, moisture or thickness have always been important, primarily for profit optimisation and sustainability," says Matthias Wulbeck, Product Manager Quality Control Systems (QCS) at Mahlo. It helps to save raw materials without sacrificing quality. Manufacturers like the German Mahlo GmbH + Co KG with a large portfolio of sensors and measuring frames for a wide range of applications are particularly in focus.

Mahlo offers a variety of solutions with its measurement technology. With the wide-ranging portfolio of sensor technology and the corresponding scanners, practically all tasks regarding the control of basis weight, moisture, thickness, fibre content, air permeability, etc. can be carried out in a cost-efficient and practical manner.

The correct basis weight is an important parameter to ensure the required quality for nonwovens. Mahlo is using near-infrared technology for precise results in this area. The infrared sensors generate the required data and evaluate it. The measuring process is contactless, non-destructive and without unintentionally influencing the product properties.