17/02/2023 – Sustainable textile finishing — auf Deutsch lesen

Pincroft takes a step forward

British textile dyer, printer and finisher, Pincroft, has adopted a new environmentally friendly technology for the finishing of fabrics.


The precision spray machine supports Pincroft to take a step forward in sustainable textile finishing. © Carrington Textiles


“TexCoat G4”, a precision spray machine engineered and manufactured in Europe, was developed by Baldwin Technology and allows Pincroft to take a step forward in sustainable textile finishing.

According to Pincroft the new machinery offers sustainability benefits and saves up to 20 % of the finishing chemistry, reduces the amount of water used by 50 %. The lower wet pick up which allows a higher line speed is also a benefit for the productivity. Energy consumption is another factor highly improved by the “TexCoat G4”, since a higher line speed leads to a more efficient use of the stenter.

Pincroft’s “TexCoat G4” can be utilised for a number of fabric finishes like vector protection, antimicrobial, crease resistance, water repellency and soil release and offering single and double sided finishing for fabrics in industries that include automotive, aerospace, defence and home furnishings.

“The acquisition of this new precision spray technology represents our commitment to the environment, customers and to the investment in our facilities to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies the market has to offer. With the use of the TexCoat G4, customers can rest assured their fabrics are being finished to the highest of standards while decreasing their impact on the environment”, says Ian Rawcliffe, Pincroft’s Technical Manager.