13/05/2022 – Printing

The world’s fastest digital textile printer?

The upgrade of the Efi Reggiani Bolt printer drastically increased file processing speed by up to 200%.


The extensive portfolio of efi Reggiani printers give users fast and complete solutions across a broad range of textile applications. © Efi


In 2021, the digital printer Efi Reggiani Bolt received a combination of hardware and software enhancements that minimise artifacts, compensating for missing nozzles that may occur over time and enhancing uniformity to deliver smoother solid colours. The upgrade also delivers improved quality and smoother gradients, plus it enables faster printhead replacement and drastically increases file processing speed by up to 200% for large, complex files.

Dedicated colour profile creation on the newest-version EFI Fiery BT-1000 digital front end driving the printer delivers better, more-intense tones and improves capabilities for matching existing colour profiles commonly used in digital textile printing. The enhancements are an important step in further expanding digital printing’s presence in the industry, bringing greener, more-sustainable inkjet technologies to the fore as a replacement for analogue dyeing procedures that make textile manufacturing the world’s second-largest polluting industry.