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Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: Groz-Beckert shows the way to the next level

At the Techtextil and Texprocess 2015, Groz-Beckert demonstrated how to achieve not only better quality, but also improved efficiency in the production of technical textiles. The benefits of Groz-Beckert products and their positive impact on the textile value chain were explored in depth by a very large number of visitors to the booth, and the potential of the products and services was made clear to the booth visitors in many different ways. The four intensive days at the trade show resulted in a whole range of stimulating ideas – for the customers and Groz-Beckert alike.

Sewing5 film in the 'needle package' 
Photo: Groz-Beckert

Sewing5 film in the 'needle package' Photo: Groz-Beckert


Sewing – multimedial presence and digital availability 24/7

The technology sector Sewing showed how success in the sewing process largely depends not only on reliable needles that match product requirements but also on the accompanying services. Visitors to the booth experienced for the first time the possibilities inherent in the newly-launched customer portal Sewing, and an impressive film also showed them the benefits provided by the service concept Sewing5. Here, Groz-Beckert offers genuine all-round service in the sewing process, with ... • ... reliable and fast availability of needles, • ... consulting and problem-solving for production issues, • ... support for internal processes, from sales to needle handling, • ... outstanding product features and know-how transfer from other technologies in the sewing process, and • ... sustainable production and logistics. A large acrylic exhibit in the form of a needle package and the accompanying film on the subject were followed by consultation sessions with the Groz-Beckert experts, who helped the visitors to detect individual optimization potential in their production process.

Weaving accessories – great interest shown in optimization options

For technical weaving, Groz-Beckert presented several weaving accessories. The technology sector demonstrated the advantages of the specially designed ALtop hybrid heald frames, which have proven themselves as an economic plus in the manufacturing process with their bend resistance and long service life. With a large number of healds, the product sector Weaving demonstrated solutions for the processing of sophisticated materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass or aramid. Products like the TWINTec heald enable a continuous and low-wear weaving process that has positive effects on productivity.

Filtration felts – economically efficient production contributes to sustainability

To demonstrate which Groz-Beckert felting needles were most suited to production of specific filtration felts, the product sector Felting used a special exhibit. The Automated Box began by offering the trade show visitors a selection menu – and ended up supplying not only an expert needle recommendation but also a set of sample needles into the bargain. The Groz-Beckert consultants at the booth were happy to list the benefits of Groz-Beckert felting needles, and the visitors were duly impressed by the needles' various small but very important details.

There was also a great deal of positive feedback for the benefits of the BoardMaster system (BMS). The advantages of gentle yet absolutely precise needling of needleboards were illustrated in a fascinating video presentation.

Fine gauges and knitting modules now enhancing the range

The product sector Knitting presented its expanded range of knitting products at the booth. The range of compound needles and system components is gradually being extended with the addition of knitting modules for tricot machines. A further video installation demonstrated the advantages of fine circular knitting needles and cylinders where particularly fine knits are concerned. Textile products like these are successful thanks to the most accurate needles available on the market from Groz-Beckert.

For Groz-Beckert, the Techtextil and Texprocess 2015 represented a successful encounter with existing and potential customers from every sector of the textile value chain. The importance of technical textiles as a key component of the textile world became clear in the numerous stimulating discussions that became a noticeable feature of the Groz-Beckert booth during the four-day period.