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Texprocess 2015: Amann Group showed “intelligent threads”

Amann invests in the future, not only in new plants or machinery but also in people. Amann not only takes special care of their employees worldwide but sponsors projects of young upcoming designers, schools and institutes in Europe and Asia who will be the future of our business. At this year’s Texprocess Amann presented thread specialities and gives an overview of various applications and projects over different branches.





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Dyeability: the sewing of stretchable modern fabrics has always been a challenge for Garment Dyeing. With PremiumGD Amann showed a product innovation which combines elasticity and perfect dyeability at the same time.

Softness: “a touch on nothing” on the skin is required when it comes to seams which are in direct contact with the body. sabaSOFT is a new microfiber thread for a soft and subtle seam – even after many washes for flatlock and overlock seams.

Elasticity: Amann has been the first to introduce a highly elastic sewing thread into the market 10 years ago – sabaFLEX. Now sabaFLEX has received a “quality overhaul”. Up to 70% thread elongation and perfect sewability achieve highly elastic seams and production efficiency at the same time. A wide range of ticket numbers is available.

Strength: XTREME-tech with Dyneema is Amann’s strongest thread for high security seams combined with many special product features.

Creativity: Colour is an embroidery essential. With new ISACORD multicolour shades and the creativity²-technique, an incredible range of colour combinations can be achieved: 152 881 shades of ISACORD and 6084 shades of Serafil enable completely new looks. Embroidery samples stitched with the fine Serafil and matt sabaC threads highlight the wide world of threads, Amann offers to the embroidery industry.

Colours for automotive: With Serafil “Colourwave” Amann presents a new optical design feature to highlight seams on car seats.

Beauty: Serafil and Serabraid – Amann’s highlights for decorative seams on leather