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Texprocess 2015: Gunold pleased about international visitors

Early May, the biennial 3rd Texprocess, the leading international trade fair for the processing of textile and other flexible materials, with a total of 273 international exhibitors, took place in Frankfurt/Main from May 4-7, 2015. More than 13,300 visitors experienced a comprehensive selection of new methods and processing technologies during those four days. And once again it was a repeat participation for Gunold, GmbH. who was particularly pleased about the high number of international visitors and new contacts.

View at the Gunold booth, Texprocess 2015
Photos: Gunold

View at the Gunold booth, Texprocess 2015 Photos: Gunold

Gunold took the time for In-Depth Discussions

Gunold took the time for In-Depth Discussions


Textiles are increasingly used in different industries far from the clothing industry. The questions of trade show visitors about application and processing of embroidery supplies, confirm this new trend–GUNOLD’s experts welcomed visitors from the more traditional fashion industry but visitors from the automotive and building industry, from the medical engineering sector visited in increasing numbers.

Trade show visitors gathered information about the comprehensive range of Gunold’s embroidery supplies and were especially impressed by the hands-on demonstrations on the one head embroidery machine (ZSK) - textiles for the automotive sector such as floor mats, cockpit panels, leather seats or head restraints were being embroidered and at the same time Gunold’s experts explained what to especially look out for when embroidering different materials and fabrics.

The entire range of products was represented at the booth, including the unique range of embroidery threads, foils, backings, specialty fabrics, and auxiliary products. In particular, the embroidery viscose threads SULKY, the polyester threads POLY, the flame retardant thread POLY FIRE and the specialty “glow-in- the dark” threads FLOUR and GLOWY were in high demand. The comprehensive range of backings and specialty fabrics such as STEP ,Felty ,TWILLY or PUFFY and thus a variety of inspirations were also well received by trade show visitors. Adhesive sprays, needles, as well as scissors complemented the presentation of the various products. GUNOLD’s new seminar program for the 2nd half of 2015 is aimed once more at beginners and professionals and covers different topics - ranging from basic knowledge about materials, to professional expertise when digitizing and embroidering. (For more details: www.gunold.de)

The Highlights of the Texprocess Show 2015 at a Glance

SAMPLE BOX – ideal for getting a feeling for the latest high-quality embroidery supplies. The Box contains the following: the specialty fabrics Twilly, Felty, Step, Puffy PE 10, the Foils Thermofilm, Stick Protect, Thermofix, Solvy, Solvy Film 80, the nonwovens Stiffy 2040, Stiffy 1640 B, Stiffy 1650, Filmoplast, the upper threads Sulky, Poly, Cotty, Mety, Filaine, Glitter, Mono, Glowy, the bobbin threads Bobby Syn, Bobby Fil as well as useful Information such as samples, color cards, embroidery patterns and range of nonwovens at a glance.

STARTER KIT BASIC – Newcomers to the world of embroidery get a general idea of the most important embroidery supplies quickly and easily. It complements the purchase of your first embroidery machine to create professional embroidery designs right from the very beginning. The box contains Poly 40 (9 x Miniking cone in various colors), Mety 5/2 (1 x Miniking cone in gold), specialty threads (8x sample spools in different colors), an assortment of backings (Stiffy and Filmoplast), foil (Solvy) as well as specialty fabrics and a brochure about the range of embroidery supplies

Pre-Cut Backings – make your life so much easier. Gunold offers various qualities in different sizes, 20x20cm and 10x18cm (Stiffy 1995), sealed in foil packs of 250 sheets

VIDEO TRAINING SERIES – The new embroidery videos cover topics such as appliqués: different methods of appliquéing and different appliqué fabrics, 3 D embroidery using Puffy: how to do digitizing for foam and how to embroider with Puffy, specialty threads: introducing several specialty threads and how they are best used in embroidery.

What else is new?

With their partially small but meaningful innovations, GUNOLD met the needs of many trade show visitors who were impressed by the presented products as these "are tuned to 100 percent to the requirements and needs of embroiderers”, a trade show visitors commented. Just to mention a few innovations: COTTY 30, now available in single 25g spools for each shade in the color card (cotton thread), a new addition to the range of embroidery needles, Z1, an all-purpose embroidery needle from ORGAN, “when the regular all-purpose needle is not enough”, available with extra small point (Q-ball) and sizes: 65, 75 and 90. The popular twill fabric TWILLY is now available on smaller rolls of 40cm x 3 m.

Gunold’s approach to the show not only offered solutions to existing problems but has also drawn the interest of many trade show visitors. "We had many interesting discussions and also got new ideas for the use of embroidery materials. It remains to be seen which of all these new ideas will be put into practice”, Stephan Gunold, Head of Marketing, comments rather excitedly.

To get into contact with new customers especially from companies in the field of technical textiles has been proofed to be true in any case and most enquiries reveal the potential use of the more traditional embroidery supplies in those new sectors. This development, although still in its infancy, will be approached by the GUNOLD team with increasing effort. Therefore Gunold is already planning to participate at the 4th Texprocess being held from May 9-12, 2017 in Frankfurt again. For more information, particularly about the Video Training Series as well as the new seminar schedule please refer to www.gunold.de


With over 85 years of experience, GUNOLD, based in Stockstadt, holds a key role in the embroidery industry, offering a wide range of products for all your embroidery needs. As a trusted partner for every embroiderer, Gunold continuously expands its state-of-the-art range of embroidery supplies. Major sales items are high quality embroidery threads mainly for the use on modern, process-controlled, high speed machines. As a leading supplier for all embroidery needs, GUNOLD offers innovative, high-quality products, manufactured in Europe, thus being a driving force for new production processes and innovative products. The maxim is to increase productivity in the embroidery industry.