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Textilausrüstung Pfand: Effective clipping

High-volume spacer fabrics from Pfand Photo: W. Schmidt

High-volume spacer fabrics from Pfand Photo: W. Schmidt


Textilausrüstung Pfand, based in Langenfeld, Germany, has developed a new technology for capping exposed patterning threads (floating vertical threads) on the back of warp-knitted lace with a high elastane content. Until now, the time-consuming clipping of highly elastic lace fabrics often took place directly in the knitting shop, leading to losses in productivity.

“In two years of intense development work in the field of machine technology, conducted in collaboration with the Steinbeis Innovation Centre in Chemnitz and funded by the ZIM programme led by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, we have come a big step closer to solving this global problem,” reports CEO Dr. Holger Erth. The new trial machine, which has been set up in the company’s production facility, makes it possible to clip and shear warp-knitted lace with a high elastane content in working widths of up to three metres. The material can be subsequently finished with wet chemicals.

Another innovation developed by Pfand involves the functionalisation of high-volume polyester spacer fabrics in thicknesses up to 40mm. The air-permeable 3D textiles are exposed to chemical and thermal finishing processes. Depending on their application, they are endowed with properties such as high-pressure elasticity, UV protection and antibacterial attributes.

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