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06/08/2018 – Alcantara — auf Deutsch lesen

Between Space And Time

Multiforms, Declinations Between Space And Time at Palazzo Rocca Contarini Corfù in Venice


Multiforms, Declinations Between Space And Time © Alcantara


Multiforms, Declinations Between Space And Time © Alcantara

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Multiforms, Declinations Between Space And Time was an exhibition supported and organized by Alcantara for Palazzo Rocca Contarini Corfù until End of June 2018 in Venice as part of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.

 For the Venetian edition, curator Davide Quadrio had selected three installations from the company’s art collection, created by Krijn de Koning, Nanda Vigo and German design collective Zeitguised.

The theme chosen for the 16th International Architecture Exhibition, “Freespace”, focused on the question of space and specifically the notions of ‘open space’ and ‘free space’. Taking as a starting point the growing interest in and concerns about enhancing the quality of our public spaces, the event seeked to provide a forum for discussions and reflections on what it means to commission a work and on the ability to imagine experiential bridges between the past and the future.

Andrea Boragno, Chairman and CEO of Alcantara commented: “We are extremely pleased with this, the latest stage of our ongoing commitment to supporting culture and creative endeavours. I am firmly convinced that constant experimentation, innovation and enterprise culture are key elements of the Alcantara brand identity. As a company in constant evolution, we are used to working with a broad range of partners and collaborators, and the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the institutions and with the world of international art and culture has been and continues to be a positive and enriching experience. Our initiatives in this field have seen us work on exhibitions, partnerships and special commissions together with a number of important organizations engaged in the field of the visual arts in Italy, including the MAXXI in Rome and Palazzo Reale in Milan, as well as with key players in the worlds of theatre and music, such as the Teatro Regio in Turin. We have also been involved in prestigious partnerships with a number of foreign institutions, including the Aurora Museum, the K11 and the Shanghai Gallery of Art. Our aim is to build bridges between these very different and fascinating institutions, organizing touring exhibitions through which the projects conceived and realized together with the artists can be brought into actuality and given visibility.”

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