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Big range of textile testing services

Delcotex offers fire protection tests for numerous textiles. Cost savings through preliminary evaluations and individual consultation.


The accredited test laboratory D-LAB also offers the orienting test for fire protection class B1 in accordance with DIN 4102-B1 © Delcotex Delius


Whether for upholstered furniture, protective clothing or textile building materials – many textiles must pass legally prescribed fire protection tests before they can be sold and used. Delcotex offers all relevant tests in accordance with national and international standards in its in-house laboratory D-LAB. The extensive testing portfolio includes the testing of materials of fire class B1 according to DIN 4102-B1, for which D-LAB invested in a new fire shaft. To save customers unnecessary costs, D-LAB offers the special service of an orientation test.

Numerous specific fire regulations

“There are numerous specific fire regulations throughout the EU and even in Germany, materials used in public buildings and objects are subject to strict regulations,” explains laboratory manager Alicja Rösler. In order to meet such requirements, D-LAB offers its customers both chemical and physical tests, including tests on the combustion behaviour and flammability of a wide variety of textiles and plastics. Thanks to the extensive range of analyses required by law, which includes not only home textiles such as furniture fabrics or bedding, but also technical textiles, the test laboratory validated by the German Accreditation Body is available to customers from a wide range of industries as a competent partner. Fabric manufacturers, furniture and upholstery manufacturers, dealers, but also interior and contract decorators as well as coaters who process verified material use the D-LAB test reports as proof that their products comply with legal requirements. The laboratory tests according to national and international standards such as DIN, EN and ISO standards.

Accredited laboratory for testing according to fire protection class B1

The accredited testing laboratory also offers orientation testing for fire protection class B1 in accordance with DIN 4102-B1. D-LAB recently invested in the construction of a new fire shaft for this purpose. In Germany, testing according to this standard is prescribed by law for all materials used in public buildings and objects. In addition, a quick and cost-effective preliminary evaluation of the material is possible. With the help of the results, D-LAB estimates whether the product will likely pass the much more expensive complete test. In addition to the legally prescribed material tests, DELCOTEX also offers its customers individual solutions for improving and specifying their products within the framework of new developments. “This increases quality and avoids unnecessarily high complaint rates,” says Rösler.

Almost 300 years of experience in the textile sector

Above all, the company’s wealth of experience allows for individual consulting and new developments. Delcotex and D-LAB are part of Delius GmbH & Co. KG, which has been manufacturing and processing textiles since 1722. “Our own development department as well as the cooperation of textile experts from different fields of our company continuously increase this know-how and our service for the benefit of the customer, while the training company ensures a continuous passing on and safeguarding of the knowledge”, says head of the company Rudolf Delius. “We started testing for external customers in 2012 and have continuously expanded and further developed our range of services ever since.”