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23/01/2019 – Vom Baur and Jumbo-Textil — auf Deutsch lesen

Bundling the expertise

Since the beginning of this year, the vom Baur and Jumbo-Textil companies, specialists for technical narrow textiles, have been moving ahead together.


The two main shareholders: Andreas Kielholz and Peter vom Baur (from the left) © A. Stecken


Under the roof of a newly founded holding company, the two companies based in North Rhine-Westphalia are pooling their expertise and experience in technical narrow textiles. At the same time, they are remaining independent companies and brands.

Vom Baur

Vom Baur is a specialist for tapes and seamless tubulars made of high-performance fibres. On the one hand, they are used for filtration – including in the food and chemical industries, amongst others. They are used as high-performance composite materials in aircraft construction or medical technology, for example. For technical applications, vom Baur has developed specially coated industrial textiles for insulation, reinforcement or transport in a wide variety of industrial processes – from precision mechanics to the construction industry.


Jumbo-Textil is a specialist for high-quality tapes, braids, cords and nets as well as textile components. The company – founded in 1909 in Wuppertal and today based in Sprockhövel – has 65 employees and develops and produces innovative elastic and non-elastic narrow textile solutions for demanding applications. The high-tech textiles are manufactured on state-of-the-art production facilities and precisely specified using innovative processes. For automotive, aviation, industrial and many other – national and international – customers.

Solution providers and innovation drivers

A wide range of applications, an extraordinary variety of industries and excellent development and individual solution expertise – all this connects the two narrow-textile specialists. And there’s plenty of experience too: the new constellation brings together a total of 324 years of company history. The recipe for success of the two companies with a long tradition: to see every change as an opportunity for innovation. Both partners have always used changes and developments in the market and in industry to improve products, technologies, plants and processes – and to transform them into new solutions for their customers. This can be seen, among other things, in the numerous collaborations with research institutions.

Future-proof corporate development and product expansion

“Jumbo-Textil and vom Baur are two specialists for high-quality technical textiles that complement each other perfectly. Digitalisation processes, investments, research projects and much more can be advanced even more effectively together,” explains Peter vom Baur, the seventh-generation head of the family business. “Under a common roof, we can optimally plan our corporate development on a long-term and sustainable basis. And we can mutually benefit from knowledge transfer and efficiency advantages. Both partners will become even stronger as a result of the merger”, the managing director is convinced.

Jumbo-Textil and vom Baur are two successful and economically sound companies that remain legally independent organisations under the joint holding umbrella. “We bundle our corporate and shareholder interests through a holding company. The respective companies are remaining independent. All contracts remain valid”, emphasises Andreas Kielholz, Managing Director of Jumbo-Textil. “Our aim is to bring together the technical and innovative expertise of our companies, to grow together and to expand the range of solutions we offer our customers.”