17/05/2017 – Novum — auf Deutsch lesen

Elastic fabric for vehicle headliners

Curt Bauer GmbH presented new innovative fabrics at this year’s Techtexil in the areas of sound insulation, cold insulation and automobile interiors.


Product example for the new innovative elastic fabric in vehicles © Curt Bauer GmbH


One such new product is an innovative elastic fabric that can be used as a headliner in vehicles. Elasticity in lengthwise and crosswise directions means that the material can be fitted in a flexible manner. The fabric can provide stretching > 10%. A variable design allows it to be used in various vehicle types. The benefit of the fabric is its multiple-layered 3D structure, which makes lamination redundant. The special weaving technique produces pockets which when used by mechanical elements offer functional capabilities in terms of structure and stability, e.g. when used in convertible roofs.