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Feel Good

Ipeker’s 2020/21 winter collection focuses on the meeting point between fashion and sustainability.


© Ipeker


The Vegan Collection is enriched with new colours and designs with innovative Vegan Cupro Fabrics. New dynamics deliver high tenacity lighter-weight fabrics. Eco-Corrosion is integrated in many new fibre compositions. The well-being and happiness of the fashion user are the focus of Ipeker’s environmentally friendly collection. The feel-good factor is expressed through super soft fabrics. The Vintage feel of the new finishing techniques is well defined through the use of Cupro fabrics. Blends of Eco-Vero with polyamide, and crepes with bamboo filaments are high-tech twisted to create an amazing feel. New devoré fabrics with double-dyed decorations and new burn-out designs bring a new look to crepe satins. Deep pinks, night blue and purple combinations are used in devoré fabrics.

Ipeker’s Collection creates a “Feel Good” mood through its designs and colours.

Well-being and comfort are key words and super touch fabrics for Ipeker.