12/05/2021 – Global Recycled Standard — auf Deutsch lesen

Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel is worldwide certified

Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel (Freudenberg) has completed the worldwide certification process to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).


Worldwide certification to Global Recycled Standard for Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel. © Freudenberg Performance


Sustainability has been an integral part of Freudenberg’s entire product cycle for decades. As early as 1995, the globally leading specialist for woven, knitted, weft and nonwoven interlinings developed the first biodegradable nonwoven interlinings. Since 2007, the company has been using fibers made of recycled PET. Today, Freudenberg offers a wide range of sustainable solutions globally.

  • All of the company’s production facilities and sales offices have now been certified by Textile Exchange.

  • In addition, Transaction Certificates (TCs) have been issued for each step in production and the supply chain.

  • Thanks to this, Freudenberg is an officially acknowledged supplier of sustainable interlinings, canvas and preformed materials, linings, and comfortemp thermal insulation.

  • For example, the company offers products made of 100% recycled PET.

  • Textile Exchange is a global nonprofit organization headquartered in Texas, USA, and mainly focuses on the sustainability of fibers and materials.

Jonathan Oh, General Manager of Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel:

“The global GRS certification underpins our strategy of sustainability, our long-term goals of reducing waste in the apparel industry, and our commitment to the circular economy.”

RCY 100 Global Range enables transparency for customers

The products of the RCY 100 Global Range belong to the outstanding materials in Freudenberg’s sustainable product portfolio. They include apparel interlinings made from 100% recycled PET fiber base materials and comfortemp thermal insulations which are made of 60 – 100% recycled PET. Thanks to the GRS certification and a network of certified production sites and sales offices, Freudenberg is able to issue Transaction Certificates for its sustainable solutions globally. This enables apparel customers to manufacture sustainable garments transparently and to trace the recycling materials throughout the entire supply chain.

Customers as well improve their environmental performance

The worldwide GRS certification allows Freudenberg to expand its portfolio of sustainable products made of recycled materials in all countries worldwide. Thus, the company further reduces waste and increases the circularity of recycled materials. In addition, Freudenberg supports its customers to keep reducing their own impact on the environment.

By developing high-quality, high-performance and sustainable solutions, Freudenberg contributes to making garments more durable and performing.

  • GRS is an international and voluntary standard developed by Textile Exchange and managed by the non-profit organization. The standard sets the requirements for third-party certification of recycled materials and the chain of custody. GRS aims to unify the definitions of recycled materials across multiple applications, to verify the contents of recycled materials in textile products, and to provide brand manufacturers and end consumers with a tool to make informed decisions that lower environmental impact.