09/06/2022 – Techtextil: Getzner Textil — auf Deutsch lesen

Innovative water-repellent and waterproof fabrics

Water-repellent, flame-retardant, slash-resistant or with infrared remission: The spectrum of Getzner Textil’s optional functional properties and finishes is impressive.


From outdoor clothing to fabrics for high-visibility areas – Getzner Technics is the perfect partner in the field of technical textiles. © Marcel Hagen/Studio 22


Getzner Textil is the leading system supplier for technical textile solutions in Europe. Thanks to the wide range of possibilities offered by production facilities, in-house laboratories, R&D depart-ments and over 200 years of experience, customers receive tailor-made fabrics “Made in Europe”.

Like the so-called lotus effect, water-repellent fabrics either delay water getting into the fabric structure or repel it completely. Depending on the purpose and the customer requirements, our offer in this functional feature area encompasses two kinds of solutions: On the one hand, a machine washable fluor-free finish, for example for use in the outdoor area, and on the other an oleophobic coating that contains fluorocarbon and is used particularly by government organisations.

Special reverse coatings make our waterproof fabrics completely waterproof, up to a certain amount of water pressure. This is an essential property for rucksacks, bags, windbreaker jackets or abrasion-resistant areas on clothing (e.g. knee pads on work trousers). Depending on the customer requirements, we use various materi-als for this purpose, from polyurethane and silicone to laminates (extremely high water column) and rubbers.