25/10/2022 – Athletic, casual and outdoor footwear

Insole made with 100% recycled content

Texon launched Ecostrobe, its first insole made with 100% recycled content. It is strong, durable and has excellent moisture absorption and dispersal qualities.


Suitable for use in high-performance footwear, Ecostrobe is designed to have minimal impact on the planet. © Texon


Produced using recycled PET – and a special fusion-bonding technology that completely removes the need for chemicals or water – Ecostrobe offers game-changing possibilities for footwear designers that want to integrate sustainability into strobel applications, without compromising strength and performance. When evaluated against comparable products, it is 20% lighter; and its production requires 50% less energy.

Boyd Mulder, Group NPDI, Sustainability and Marketing Director at Texon, said: “We continue to work hard to protect the environment, creating today, to sustain tomorrow, through product innovation and conscientious process management. We are leaders in eco-friendly materials for the footwear industry, and as part of our sustainability strategy, have adapted our production processes to ensure the recycled composition and recyclability of our products. Ecostrobe is evidence of that commitment. We’ve calculated that for every one million pairs of shoes containing Ecostrobe, more than 2.1 million bottles will be diverted from landfill, making Ecostrobe the ultimate enviro-conscious choice for strobel applications.”

Ecostrobe is also 100% closed-loop, with the cutting waste being 100% recyclable into more of the same product, without loss of quality.