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Livinguard: Upgrade for the T-shirt

Thanks to the patented technology, the new Livinguard T-shirts and polo shirts remain odourless and hygienically fresh even after prolonged wear.


Livinguard launches self-disinfecting and odour-neutralizing shirts. The patented Livinguard Technology renders bacteria and viruses harmless. © Livinguard


Swiss hygiene technology company Livinguard has become best known for its reusable and self-disinfecting masks during the global Covid pandemic. Now, the company is giving an upgrade to perhaps the most worn piece of clothing, the T-shirt.

Self-disinfecting T-shirts

Based on its self-disinfecting Livinguard Technology, the company is launching new T-shirts and polo shirts. The technology renders bacteria and viruses harmless, making them not only hygienically fresh for several days, but also odourless. Since the textiles need to be washed less frequently, this also saves water, energy and detergent.

  • The patented Livinguard Technology renders bacteria and viruses harmless and thus ensures hygienically clean, long-lasting fresh textiles.

Suitable as outdoor and work clothes

These features make the shirts particularly suitable as work clothes, as they ensure that the wearers always feel fresh – even when the shirt is used several times or for long periods.

Outdoor and camping fans can also rejoice, as the innovation not only means that they have to pack and transport less clothing, but also that they do not have to rely on laundry facilities when out and about. Therefore, anyone who will be outdoors for longer periods without a change of shirt will no longer have to feel uncomfortable, as the Livinguard shirts make for an odour-free and hygienically clean adventure.

  • Antiviral Livinguard Technology: The Livinguard technology is based on applying positive charges to textile surfaces at the molecular level, which ensures that pathogens are inactivated. This antiviral function is scientifically proven and works via a strong positive charge. Alternative metal-based solutions are quickly rinsed out during washing and can be harmful to the environment and human health. In contrast, Livinguard textiles are finished with an environmentally friendly formula that is safe for skin and lungs.