24/06/2019 – Vitrulan Group — auf Deutsch lesen

New processes, new products, new markets

The Vitrulan Group is tapping into new markets with innovative technologies and a customer-oriented approach to research and development.


The Vitrulan Group is expanding and investing around EUR 6m in the purchase of new production systems by 2020. © Vitrulan


Vitrulan Technical Textiles GmbH, based near Sonneberg, Germany, is leading the way with its technical textiles and special solutions designed for a diversity of applications. Besides a wide spectrum of open reinforcement materials, laminates are among the company’s main strengths.

They are the basis not only for mesh reinforced plaster, reinforcing inserts for roof and sealing membranes, and floor membranes, but also for a diversity of innovative products such as panel heating and electromagnetic shielding fabrics, which are developed in-house and sold worldwide.

New products

The continual development of novel and the improvement of existing processes is giving rise to innovative products and is allowing the company to tap into completely new markets. As a result, Vitrulan materials can now also be found in composites, filtration systems, coatings and automotive products.

With a view to advancing this expansion, the Vitrulan Group is planning to invest around EUR 6m in the purchase of new production machinery for both facilities by 2020. Some of these plans are already being brought to fruition. Several new weaving machines, winders and creels have been acquired to step up the production of new products for growing business divisions.