12/12/2019 – ProEarth Textiles — auf Deutsch lesen

Schoeller introduces biodegradable textiles

ProEarth is a part of Schoeller FTC (SFTC) line, a joint venture between Schoeller Textil AG and the Taiwanese Formosam Taffeta Co. Ltd.


ProEarth was created to help offset the more than 16mn tons of textile waste produced in the US alone each year. © Schoeller


Jacket, pant and lining fabrics

The SFTC ProEarth collection will launch with five, bluesign-approved fabrics designed for lifestyle, fashion and outdoor categories. Made with virgin polyester that has been optimized for biodegradation and has tested to biodegrade at faster and better rates than competitive offerings, the initial ProEarth articles available since fall 2019 include jacket, pant and lining material qualities with various colour options.

Christine Hübner, Schoeller CRO:

“Our SFTC ProEarth collection was a natural progression in Schoeller’s visionary advances around sustainability, while we are also striving to make a difference in an industry that continues to be so demanding on our environment.”