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Trans-Textil: Flexible seam sealing with environmental claim

Topaz Elements Tapes without any organic solvents in the adhesive layer offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of fabrication and application.


Formulations on a purely aqueous basis are the starting point for the adhesive layer of the new Topaz Elements Seam sealing tapes. © Trans-Textil GmbH


To match the laminate design, Trans-Textil prints its new Topaz Elements Tapes using the environmentally friendly digital transfer printing process. © Trans-Textil GmbH


To ensure that the seam in a waterproof laminate keeps the promise of the functional textile, it is sealed with a seamsealing tape. Trans-Textil has now implemented this technology for the first time on a purely aqueous formula basis. The Topaz Elements Tapes do not contain any organic solvents in the adhesive layer and offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of fabrication and application.

  • Sophisticated functional products in outdoor, sports, shoe components and protective clothing cannot do without seams.

  • If a laminate is used, every needle puncture initially damages the membrane system, which ensures impermeability and breathability in the multilayer composite.

  • For a reliable protective effect in wearing practice, even after many washing cycles, the seam is therefore sealed with a seamsealing tape.

  • A hot air welding process softens the adhesive layer of the seam sealing tape and permanently seals the seam.

To meet the high environmental demands of modern functional clothing, Trans-Textil GmbH has replaced the adhesive layer of its Elements Tapes with an innovative formula on a purely aqueous basis, in the production of which no organic solvents are used. In this way, the new technology reduces potential pollution both in production and during processing in garment manufacturing plants. At the same time, the technical performance features for a long life cycle are not neglected - the Topaz Elements tapes are tested for compatibility with the 2- and 3-ply laminates, washable at up to 60°C and suitable for both domestic laundering and industrial reprocessing in a professional laundry.

Flexibel in Design and Width

High-quality digital transfer printing on the top of the Elements Tapes is available as an option. This allows them to be printed in full color to match the design of the laminate. This environmentally friendly textile printing process also uses only the natural solvents water and alcohol. The new seam sealing tapes can be processed on all commercially available hot-air welding machines. If required, Trans-Textil’s technical support can assist with development and series production. To accommodate individual processes and innovative approaches in garment manufacturing, all seam sealing tapes are also available flexibly in individual roll lengths and widths – from narrow versions to extra-wide “Jumbo Tapes”.

Certified Pollutant Free

In the interests of the circular economy and the longest possible service life, a patching system also provides the appropriate repair solution in the event of damage to the garment from wearing practice. The Topaz Elements Tapes and all components and processes used for multi-functional clothing products, such as the PFC-free Clean4Green finish from Trans-Textil, have been tested for their human ecological safety and certified free of harmful substances in accordance with Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.