19/05/2016 – mtex+, Chemnitz — auf Deutsch lesen

The plus says it all!

The 6th mtex+ – the International Exhibition for Technical Textiles, which opens its doors from 31 May to 2 June 2016 in Chemnitz/Germany, sees itself as a “pioneer event with value added for engineers, designers and managers from all potential user industries”.


Mtex+, the 6th International Exhibition for Technical Textiles (Photos: Messe Chemnitz)


Michael Kynast, head of mtex+: “Come to Chemnitz. You’ll be greeted by a high density of innovations in technical textiles from Chemnitz, the surrounding region and over the borders”


In its role as media partner and initiator of the 1st mtex+ - young talent prize “Metarmorphosis”, textile network is on board and will be reporting live from the fair in our live blog at www.textile-network.de / www.textile-network.com!

Mtex+, the 6th International Exhibition for Technical Textiles, which is taking place in Chemnitz in Germany from 31 May to 2 June 2016, is designed to be a trade fair for innovators and provide value added for engineers, designers and managers from all the potential user sectors. “In line with the latest trends, we’ve significantly expanded the range of subjects covered at mtex+ beyond mobile textiles,” says Exhibition Manager Michael Kynast. “It’s becoming increasingly important for product and process developers in industry to familiarise themselves with the varied fields of application for high-tech textiles. We offer the ideal platform for this with our exhibition where everything is on the spot and intense personal contacts are possible. We’re expecting about 100 exhibitors from Germany and the Czech Republic and 3,000 trade visitors from Germany and abroad.

The Czech Republic will be the mtex+ partner country for the first time. Our neighbours have a highly developed textile industry and first-class research institutes, but they don’t have their own exhibition in this field. That’s why they’re very happy to use our centre, which is located at the heart of the unique Eastern German cluster, covering textile production, textile machine engineering and textile research. It was no accident that the Swiss newspaper „Neue Zürcher Zeitung” called Chemnitz „Germany’s textile capital” some time ago…” The 6th edition of mtex+ is taking place alongside the 4th LiMA Lightweight Design exhibition.

Composites and textile-based lightweight design form interlinking themes. A special exhibition on medical and health textiles and the 15th Chemnitz Textile Technology Conference on the subject of “Textile technology as the key technology for the future”, which will be attended by approx. 300 people from Germany and abroad, form the supporting programme for mtex+. The mtex+ innovation prize will be presented for the second time, with an award going to young talent for the first time.

At www.textile-network.de and www.mtex-chemnitz.de, you will find an informative online exhibitor catalogue which is updated every day! Exhibitors use this compact platform to introduce themselves to potential trade visitors, simply by answering the following questions: Contact? Highlight? Our USP? Who should make a point of visiting our stand?