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Thermore Thermal Booster: The next generation of smart insulation

Thermore introduced its new intelligent padding, Thermal Booster, which adapts to body temperature and the needs of the wearer thanks to a revolutionary thermoplastic film on the finish that helps to actively regulate body temperature.

13.01.2016: Thermore Thermal Booster: The next generation of smart insulation

Thermore Thermal Booster is the smart insulation that responds to this common need: extending the comfort zone by keeping users warm over a wider range of temperatures. Thermore Thermal Booster is a sensational breakthrough in insulation technology, as it works in a totally different way: when the weather gets colder, it provides extra warmth. Independent test labs prove that Thermore Thermal Booster is over 20% warmer at lower temperatures. It’s just like having a "heat pack": as the temperature decreases, it gradually increases its warmth up to more than 20%!

However, unlike actual heat packs, heating batteries or phase change materials, its effect does not end: Thermal Booster maintains its higher warmth for as long as the temperature is lower. And of course, if the temperature increases, it automatically re-tunes to the warmer temps, thus keeping you in the comfort zone.

The Thermal Booster smart insulation is available in two different weight variations to perfectly match most temperature range requirements. Also, thanks to Thermore’s proprietary anti-fiber migration treatment, the effect is consistent and durable even after repeated washing cycles and heavy duty wear.  Thermore is convinced that Thermal Booster is the future of thermal insulation and most likely in 10 years time all garments will provide a higher range of comfort, which is based on the Thermal Booster concept. Wearing a garment with Thermore Thermal Booster will allow users to enjoy outdoor life to the fullest- no matter what weather they may have to face. Enhanced thermal performance will always be a part of the garment and function in a very natural way. No batteries included (or needed!).