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Trevira: Sound absorption and digital printability

Product example Photo: Trevira

Product example Photo: Trevira


Fibre manufacturer Trevira GmbH presents its range of Trevira CS textiles for interior sun screens. The spectrum embraces both product developments and commercial fabrics made by Trevira’s partners. Special features include sound-absorbing properties and digital printability. The textiles available within the Trevira CS brand are made from bicomponent polyester yarns, one component of which (Trevira NSK = low melt component) has a low melting point.

Combined with permanent flame-retardant polyester yarns from Trevira, it is possible to produce stiffened textiles that can be made into a diversity of designs for interior sun screens. A new addition to the range are fabrics with a three-dimensional appearance, making them ideally suited for use as sound-absorbing, flame-retardant sun screens.

Besides being endowed with sound absorption and flame-retardant functionalities, design considerations are becoming increasingly important for these products. Vertical slats, panel curtains, roller blinds and sliding panels can now be digitally printed so that they fit in and complement interior designs. In this context, Trevira states: “Thanks to the availability of a huge spectrum of high-brilliance colours, it’s becoming increasingly popular to add uniquely designed motifs to the smooth, clear surfaces of our sunscreen textiles.”

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