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“We make people’s lives more comfortable”

Interview with Martin Bentz, CEO Outlast Technologies GmbH.


Martin Bentz, CEO Outlast Technologies GmbH © Outlast Technologies GmbH


Mr. Bentz, you have been running Outlast very successfully for over 20 years. What’s your formula for success?

(laughs) I think our success is primarily due to our products. They make people’s lives more comfortable and enjoyable. People like that and buy our products. At the same time, we have a wonderful development team that is very innovative and offers our customers tailor-made solutions.

At a time when the demands on structure and efficiency are increasing, can you offer customer-specific solutions?

I think this is not a contradiction. The better the structures and processes, the better I can respond to customer requests. We attach great importance to providing customers with personal and professional advice. You should get the best functionality for your product. At the same time, we check every product before it is launched to see whether it meets our requirements. This is how we create reliability – for manufacturers and end consumers alike.

Do your customers appreciate this commitment?

Yes, I think so. We usually work very long-term with our customers. Reliability in terms of functionality, but also in terms of delivery dates, is an important point. I think our customers are also convinced that we can react quickly and effortlessly to trends and new product developments through our own development team.

And how does your company react to the increased demand for sustainably produced textiles?

We have been working for many years to manufacture our materials with the smallest possible ecological footprint. We dye and produce them in a resource-saving manner in accordance with strict social and environmental requirements. We manufacture a large part of the products for the bedding industry in Germany with all associated standards. Also, the used resources are getting greener. We now only use rapeseed oil-based natural wax as heat storage material for our capsules. We also offer textiles made from recycled PET bottles or natural raw materials. Lyocell, for example, requires 35 times less water in production than cotton and consists of up to 80% renewable raw materials. It is important to us to contribute to more sustainability.


Interesting facts about Outlast® Thermo-Technology:

“Feeling just right.” is Outlast’s slogan to describe its temperature regulating technology. And that sums it up quite well, because whether the user is cold or warm at a particular moment products equipped with Outlast ensure a balanced microclimate. For example, if you wear a T-shirt equipped with Outlast® Thermo-Technology on a warm day, the T-shirt absorbs excess body heat, which feels extremely comfortable for the user. If the user cools down for example due to a change in the outside temperature, the smart T-shirt returns the stored heat. Since this cycle is constantly active and does not wear out over time, Outlast® Thermo-Technology ensures lasting well-being and increased wearing comfort. Of course, the Technology is also ideal for shoes, orthopedic/medical products or work and safety wear. In bedding products, Outlast® Thermo-Technology supports deep, restful sleep.