28/11/2019 – Top 10 – innovations 2019 — auf Deutsch lesen

“We want to take you to Mars!”

Several new technotextile developments hit the headlines during this year of big trade fairs. One of our Top 10 developments is a spacesuit.


Participants in the Materials and Product development hands-on session had the opportunity to hold material samples (such as gloves etc.). © Wear It Berlin/Michael Wittig, Berlin


“We want to take you to Mars!” – Sophie Gruber, Board Member at Austrian Space Forum at the Wear It Innovation Summit.

In her talk, Sophie spoke about the development and challenges the team has encountered while developing the spacesuit for the AMADEE-18 Mars Simulation which is going to go to Mars in the foreseeable future. Over 20 nations are involved in testing all the possible applications of the Suit on Mars, like checking for life signs, water resources and more.