18/11/2019 – Top 10 – Innovations 2019 — auf Deutsch lesen

Workwear sounds warning in no-go areas

Several new technotextile developments hit the headlines during this year of big trade fairs. One of our Top 10 developments is from the workwear sector.


Lunative “smart light” and “smart sensor” components open the textile industry’s door to Industry 4.0. © Lunative


Sensors and textile lighting in PPE and workwear are enhancing interaction and safety at work in completely new ways. In its role as development partner, Lunative Laboratories is fully committed to this highly complex task.

The leading tech company’s interdisciplinary expertise enables workers to be connected to their outer ‘skin’. These human textile interfaces are capable of interacting with the working environment (warehouse, vehicle, machine, work colleagues). This means that the workwear lights up when, for example, the employee enters a no-access area; the workwear thus recognises various hazards and communicates with a range of different lights.