10/05/2019 – Techtextil: FILK — auf Deutsch lesen

Highly flame-retardant, flexible and lightweight

FILK Freiberg together with Fulcoline (Hofbieber) present a high performance material based on a basalt fibre-polymer-composite.




Highly flame-retardant, flexible and lightweight: The new lightweight composite complies with the requirements of fire rating class A2 for building materials and can be applied wherever particularly high demands with regard to fire protection are set, especially where partition elements serve as fire protection walls simultaneously. This is the case in airports, in ship and container construction, rail vehicle construction, hall construction, in the contract sector and public buildings. So far, only rigid and heavy composite panels achieve these fire protection properties.

The new composite material is characterised by:

Non-flammability according to building material class A2 DIN 13501

Flexible roll-to-roll material

Lightweight and flexible to process

Closed surface

These properties are generated by a material combination of an organic substrate based on basalt fibres and an organic polymer layer based in silicon. The material was developed in a between FILK Freiberg and Fulcoline. The project was funded within in the program ZIM by BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy).

FILK at the Techtextil

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