08/08/2019 – Innovative threads for vests and canopies — auf Deutsch lesen

The outdoor sewing threads by Amann

About a bicycle vest with integrated airbag and powerful outdoor yarns that defy wind and weather.


The bicycle vest with integrated airbag by the french producer Bsafe/Helite won the french innovation award for road safety 2019. © Bsafe


The mini-canopy is an example of the use of Amann´s powerful sewing threads for the outdoor segment. © Amann


Safety & protection: the bicycle vest with integrated airbag

The airbag vest is connected to the bicycle by means of a sensor. In the event of an accident, it detects the anomaly in the movement and inflates within 80 ms. This protects the particularly sensitive areas of the chest, back and neck. The vest is sewn with Amann’s high-strength polyester yarn Serafil. You find more about HERE.

Powerful & resistant: The outdoor sewing threads

Gore Tenara and Serabond are excellently suited for all seams that are exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as UV radiation, mould, acid rain, etc. In addition, all Gore Tenara sewing threads come with a 15-year guarantee.