13/08/2019 – Digitalisation — auf Deutsch lesen

Gunold goes digital

Gunold supports its customers on their way to digital transformation and equips all cones and mini-king cones with an innovative DM label.


Cones- and Mini-King Cones by Gunold are equipped with DM Code now. © Gunold


DM stands for Data-Matrix and is one of the best-known types of 2D codes for permanent direct marking in production, which can be read by means of a scanner.

Marketing Manager Stephan Gunold:

“Being able to read out thread cones electronically brings enormous advantages for our customers. For example, you can quickly and easily determine which color is placed on which machine and on which embroidery head.” This is just one of many examples of the advantages of the new labelled thread reels for customers.

As a part of the digital journey, every single component counts for companies and this is where Gunold comes in with its new product marking of cones and mini-king cones. All information about the respective thread cone is printed on a label on the smallest surface on top of the thread cones. In addition to the scanable Data Matrix code, the self-adhesive labels also show further information, some of which is coded, such as material, colour, place of manufacture, thread length, etc. The labels are printed directly at Gunold’s company headquarters in Stockstadt with a specially equipped printer and then permanently attached to the cones. For attaching them to the machine, there is a specially printed and cut cross, so that all information regarding the thread cone can be read out afterwards.

Since spring 2019, all of Gunold´s thread cones have been successively equipped with the new labels.

Stephan Gunold: “We are very pleased that we are making another innovative contribution with these new labels and that our customers will be able to act even more flexible, faster and more efficiently on the market.”

The DataMatrix Code

The DataMatrix code is standardized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) (ISO/IEC 16022:2006). The technical report ISO/IEC TR 24720:2008 describes the application of the code in Direct Part Marking (DPM). These standards provide a uniform basis and thus allow codes to be produced and read independently of the manufacturer of the printer or reader. (Source: Wikipedia)